Publication: UT San Diego

Jazzercise shakes off ’80s reputation

March 31, 2015

Jazzercise president Shanna Missett Nelson, leads a class called Dance Mixx on Friday at the Jazzercise studios in Oceanside, California. — Eduardo Contreras

On a Friday morning, Iggy Azalea’s “Trouble” blasts through a room filled with mostly women and a few men who are shaking their hips – and everything else – to the music.

This is not your mother’s Jazzercise, and it’s certainly not stuck in the 1980s. Instead of leotards, dancers are wearing Lululemon, and there’s not a legwarmer or sweatband to be seen. But there is plenty of sweat. And where there used to be simple, low-impact movements like hip swivels, now there’s a blend of kickboxing, Pilates and hip-hop moves.

The 46-year-old fitness franchise headquartered in Carlsbad this year introduced a bold new logo, color scheme and advertising campaign to shake off its dated reputation and show people a modern, harder-edged Jazzercise that delivers results.

It is also rolling out a new menu of calorie-crushing classes as part of its “You Think You Know Us But You Don’t” rebrand.

The goal is to abolish misguided and outdated stereotypes about Jazzercise, said Sandra Creamer, vice president of strategy at CBX, the New York agency that crafted […]

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