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Own Brands, From Value Driven to Valuable

May 12, 2016

Competitive pricing is no longer the only value own brands add to retailers. They can build reputation, loyalty and sales, but their design and management requires a considered approach and careful research into audience and category behaviors.

Having an own brand offers well-documented benefits. It can be a boon to business financially and reputationally. However, how companies in different places around the world build, manage and implement these brands varies widely. Considerations must take into account packaging design, category, audience, fit with the corporate brand and perception. Successfully achieving an effective own brand requires a deft hand and a keen understanding of audience.

Design and packaging are key considerations when developing an own brand, particularly when consolidating brands. CBX, a New York-based brand agency, developed six labels – from over 60 existing brands – for Walgreens that were suited to their categories. Similarly, its work for chemist Duane Reade focuses on audience and category while using creative packaging techniques, doubling private label sales. Even more starkly, it cut American warehouse retailer BJ’s Wholesale’s own brands down to two, one for food brands and one for non-food brands.

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Who Am I?: Heritage and Rebranding

August 19, 2015

For a pair of American brands that recently underwent similarly massive rebrands – Big Heart Pet Brands (formerly of the Del Monte empire) and Jazzercise – heritage was found in the companies’ histories, but also in their values and objectives for the future of their business. American brand agency CBX worked on both rebrands.

Big Heart Pet Brands is, essentially, a new brand. It’s logo and brand system are new. It’s positioning is new. Yet, it is also the only remaining vestige of FMCG giant Del Monte’s business after a sell-off of its human food brands. The company found that its remaining pet-focused holdings were not best served by the Del Monte brand, despite the brand affinity among consumers for the parent company and its own 129-year history.

Satoru Wakeshima, general manager at CBX, says this was a compelling position as the company was now all about pets. That was a proposition that made sense to its consumers, internal audience and investors alike. “While Del Monte Foods owned strong, well-known leadership brands in this space, such as Milk-Bone – and they very well could have gone the route of calling it the Milk-Bone Pet Company – there was a much […]

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