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Native AdVice with Rick Barrack

January 19, 2015

Rick is the Chief Creative Officer and a founding partner of strategic branding agency CBX.

With twenty years of expertise in consumer and retail branding, Rick is responsible for inspiring, directing and motivating creative teams to develop powerful design solutions.

How did you get into the branding industry?

I got into the branding industry rather by accident. I always knew I wanted to do something artistic, but I didn’t always know what. Back when I was really young, I won a scholarship by submitting a drawing of Woody Woodpecker to a kids’ magazine. After that, my mother encouraged me to do all kinds of creative things. I started off going to the regular public high school, but I was not a very good student. My mother had the foresight to know that a traditional liberal arts high school was not optimal, so I transferred to the Youth Performing Arts High School in Louisville, KY. Next thing I knew, I was enrolled at Carnegie Mellon as a theater major. By my sophomore year, I realized that if I stayed in set design, I’d be broke for life. So, I transferred my major to communication arts and the rest, as they say, […]

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