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5 Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card

July 7, 2015

In today’s digital age of networking and communication, you might think the paper business card is a lingering relic of an ancient era. While it’s true that we don’t use them functionally the same way we used to, they still serve as ambassadors for you and your business, and they’re an extension of your professional identity.

We spoke to Dave Weinberger, vice president and engagement director at brand agency CBX in New York City, to learn why business cards are still important and how people can design effective, memorable ones.

1. Simplicity is key — avoid the tricks and gimmicks.

“You want a business card to be pretty easy to use. Like most design, simple is better — don’t over-design things,” says Weinberger. Keep your card clean and uncluttered by being thoughtful about what information you include, as well as how you include it. “You don’t need to do tricky things with your phone number and address, because that’s obnoxious and people need to access that information,” he says. The same applies to font color; he recommends sticking with simple colors like black or dark/medium gray.

2. Treat your business card like a marketing tool, and use it in a […]

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