Publication: Retail Design Diva

Dignity by Design at Fare & Square

October 30, 2013

After seven years in concept and nearly a year in construction, it’s finally here!

The new Fare & Square grocery store in Chester, Pa., has opened to serve the residents of this city without a supermarket for nearly 12 years. Once a center of shipbuilding, Chester lost industry and half its population after World War II. Today, Chester’s population numbers around 33,000 people, but it was nearly impossible to buy a head of lettuce or anything else fresh until Fare & Square opened for business. Chester had become a food desert—one of the 35 food deserts in the Delaware Valley, according to the USDA.

About 200 people gathered for the ribbon cutting held Sept. 28, followed by lines of customers waiting to shop the new 13,000-sq.-ft. store. Once inside, they immediately could see generous displays of produce arrayed on tilt-style tables, while pendant lighting called attention to freshness and quality. But there was more: a wide variety of additional fruits and vegetables lining the walls was both inspiring and appetizing—as well as staples and additional specialty departments.

The new store represents Chester’s first grocery store in more than a decade and gives residents of Chester easy access to a full […]

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