Publication: Petrol World

Hungary: Fresh Start For MOL Convenience Retail

September 15, 2015

MOL Group has begun rolling out a scalable convenience store prototype created in close collaboration between its internal retail group and CBX. 

The first 28 locations under the Fresh Corner brand opened over the course of the past three months in six countries (Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic). The initial stores range in size from 500 to 2000 square feet.

CBX was tasked with creating a new retailing concept and prototype that would reflect and respect the diversity of the company’s distinct national markets. In addition, with its expansion driven by acquisitions, MOL’s network currently incorporates a number of different nameplates and footprints. Consequently, part of CBX’s assignment was to develop guidelines and criteria to help the company determine which store size and product assortment would be right for particular markets and locations.

Joseph Bona, CBX president of branded environments and a veteran c-store designer, noted that product offerings in MOL’s retail facilities were heavily focused on automotive supplies and accessories. To aid the company in developing a true convenience retail assortment, CBX analyzed MOL’s sales data to determine the optimal core offering.

Reflecting on the overall scope of the project, Lars Höglund, SVP MOL Group […]

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