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A Work of Art?

December 12, 2016

Readers weigh in on Van Gogh Vodka’s redesign.

In an effort to animate and reinvigorate the brand’s connection to art, Van Gogh Vodka has redesigned its packaging. “With this new package, we strove to create a collection of labels that are equal parts artistic and appealing—each one had to be a work of art to match the craftsmanship of the liquid inside, translating the spirit of Van Gogh’s Expressionism and bold vision in an engaging manner,” Norman Bonchick, chairman and CEO, 375 Park Avenue Spirits, the importer of Van Gogh Vodka, tells Package Design.

“It was important that the new package live up to and respect our namesake, Vincent Van Gogh. “By working with an artist who painted through the lens of Van Gogh we were able to have paintings created using our 16 signature flavors as inspiration. Each of these paintings then became one of the labels you see with the release of the new package.”

In this the final installment of Field Notes, we ask Package Design readers if the new packages are stars or if the designs leave 375 Park Avenue Spirits’ branding goals in the fields.

Allison Koller Executive creative director, CBX

There’s no […]

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CBX Receives Top Award at Pentawards 2016

September 29, 2016

CBX, the brand agency and retail design consultancy headquartered in New York City, received the top Platinum Award in the food category in the 2016 Pentawards packaging design competition for its work on behalf of Man Cave Craft Meats.

Created in January 2007, the Pentawards honor the best packaging designs from around the world. This year’s competition received a total of 1,843 entries from five continents and 54 countries, with awards presented on September 23rd in Shanghai. Entries are grouped into five major markets (beverages, food, body products, luxury goods, and “all other”) and no less than 55 sub-categories, so that each competing design is judged alongside similar creations. The entries are reviewed by an international jury of 12 highly respected designers and packaging design directors from major companies.

The jury selects the winners based on the creative quality and the marketing relevance of the works presented. Winners receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond awards. Platinum awards are presented to the top entry in the five categories, while the Diamond honor goes to a single “best of show” entry.

CBX assisted the Golden Valley, Minn.-based craft meat brand as it expanded its sales from the local farmers’ market to […]

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Mobile Matters

August 22, 2016

A recent study by market intelligence agency Mintel reveals that 69% of U.S. adults shop online monthly, trading in the brick-and-mortar retailers for the more convenient e-tailers. And a great percentage of these sales are being done on mobile.

That’s why it’s important for designers and marketers to leverage the ever-growing mobile market to optimize their brand messaging, strengthen relationships with consumers, and grow sales.

Brands in Action

According to Google Analytics, people are using mobile for three critical moments in the shopping journey: to get ideas and inspiration, to learn more about a product and comparison shop, and finally, to purchase. It’s not enough to just cut and paste a picture of your package and post it online, and not every piece of information about the product needs to be put on the pack.

“Marketers need to think about designing an experience for the needs of each distinct moment of consumer engagement,” says Dustin Longstreth, branding strategist with CBX. “A mobile presence provides brands the opportunity to go deeper into ideas and inspiration on how the product can be used. It’s also a great platform to provide additional product info, for example ingredient sourcing, craftsmanship stories, consumer reviews, and […]

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Dialogue by design

May 15, 2015

Brand journalism elevates the marketing conversation for a connected world.

“Let’s face it, the young millennial woman has an undeniable presence in social media,” Kristi Bryan, global design director at Kimberly-Clark Design, remarks. “She lives and breathes it. She expects it. For U by Kotex, it isn’t an elective, it is mandatory. It is simply the way we work and communicate to her to create a seamless brand experience.” And it’s not just the younger consumers who are plugged into this hyper-connected world…

Allison Koller, Creative Director at CBX, sees some marketers forgetting to invite package design to the table for these integrated marketing campaigns and says it can be a lost opportunity. “For example, Always just came out with their high impact ‘Like A Girl’ campaign, which is all about female empowerment and abolishing nasty stereotypes,” Koller notes.

Read the rest of the article here and learn more about U by Kotex here.

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The Hue for You

May 14, 2014

Coca-Cola, Tiffany & Co., and John Deere have all leveraged color to a point where it has become synonymous with their brand identities. But just how does a brand go about identifying color and trends that generate relevance in order to connect with consumers in a meaningful way? Start by using color resources and listening to what consumers have to say about their favorite brands.

One such resource is the Color Marketing Group (CMG), a non-profit association that provides color direction and forecasting for a broad range of industries, products and services—including branding and packaging. The group’s forecasts, which are released under the NEXT moniker, detail colors that have made their way into the marketplace or are about to be introduced.

“CMG forecasts are considered color directions and are not directives,” John West, vice president of color forecasting explains. “They show the course that colors are likely to take and are open for interpretation across industries, products and packaging.”

West goes on to explain that CMG members collaborate at regional color workshops called ChromaZones which take place throughout the year to determine the NEXT colors. These outputs are then collectively shared at an end-of-year international summit conference. Members interpret the […]

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Pop-up Appeal

July 10, 2013

THE PRODUCT Inspired by the colorful and dimensional illustrations in pop-up books, Savvi’s senior designer Rob Backues aimed to create tattoo packaging that was markedly different from its competitors. As he describes it, the tattoo section of the toy aisle falls flat with an overly simple packaging approach. Instead, he wanted to bring depth to tattoo packaging in a very literal sense. This, he explains, gives Savvi’s packaging the “wow factor” that attracts both the end consumers, children aged three to 10, and the primary purchasers, their parents. Working with Savvi senior illustrator Pete Arriola, Backues designed a low-depth paperboard carton that comprises up to seven panels. Each panel contains part of an illustration, with the lowermost panels printed with background images and the top-panels cut and printed with an image that boldly depicts the tattoos’ theme. This  approach is time consuming and laborious, but Backues contends it is worth it. Savvi has expanded the design system to 18 Savvi products and approximately 10 licensed products. But what do Package Design readers think? THE VERDICT I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but this is the rare instance where the brand takes a back seat to selling the product. […]

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Measured Results: Innovative Pouches Make Breakfast Delicious

August 7, 2012

THE PRODUCT A fast, easy breakfast that’s delicious every time—who wouldn’t enjoy that? This is exactly what Mom Brands wants to bring to breakfast tables across the U.S. with innovative packaging of its Better Oats Instant Oatmeal packaging. The package uses traditional materials—a paperboard carton that houses plastic-lined paper packets—but cleverly decorates the pouches to awaken a new level of functionality. Each pouch includes a fill line that transforms the tall, slender packet into a measuring device. The measuring packet helps deliver a more consistent product experience because consumers don’t have to guess at the amount of water needed just because a traditional measuring cup isn’t available. The tall, slender structure of the packets and their carton also enables more boxes and thus more varieties of Better Oats to fit in the same retail space. Mom Brands reports that retailers were so excited about being able to stock more variety in less space that Better Oats reached 80 percent all commodity volume distribution the first year after launch.

But what do package designers think?

THE VERDICT Mom Brands has done a great job of re-imagining what oatmeal could look like. Often, we as designers and brand managers take for granted […]

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Teachings on the Green

June 5, 2012

The Scotts Snap Spreader System debuts with packaging designed to take the guesswork out of lawn care. The product line includes a spreader and specially formulated products for specific lawn care needs, such as controlling weeds, killing insects and fertilizing.

To help consumers easily identify which product is the best fit for their lawn care needs. “The visual design needed to communicate that this is an integrated lawn care system with key features and benefits – essentially that a beautiful lawn is just a Snap away,” says Rick Barrack, chief creative officer, CBX. The Scotts Company collaborated with CBX, a brand agency based in New York City. CBX was also part of a team of agencies that worked with The Scotts Company on the Snap name.

Once the product name was confirmed, the CBX design team brought it to life with an approachable, contemporary typeface for the Snap logo and then locked it up with the brand logo. Aspirational graphics were developed and bright colors used on each Snap Pac, including a blue sky on the upper half of the bag and vibrant green grass imagery on the lower half to showcase the end benefit. A three-step instructional inset […]

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