Publication: Healthcare Packaging

Approaching Patient Adherence Challenges Through a Consumer Lens

April 4, 2014

By Brian M.

Brand agency author suggests putting the patient at the center of pharmaceutical product/package design rather than the condition.

The drugs and therapies developed by pharmaceutical [companies] often fail to meet expectations, and not just because of their formulations, dosing regimens, or side effects. They fail because the industry at large operates in a way that still believes that once the drug is approved by the FDA, makes it to a pharmacist’s dispensary, and is accompanied by a rockstar ad campaign, the job is done.

And to be fair it is a long haul from discovery to approval—anywhere from 12 to 20 years and up to $1BB. But that’s precisely when the critical job of connecting with people—motivating, inspiring, educating, and cajoling them into following their treatment regimen—begins.

After all, what good to anybody is an untaken drug? Not to the pharmaceutical [industry], which loses an estimated $188 BB in revenue in the U.S. alone,[1] and not to patients and their payers who spend $290 BB[2] on otherwise unnecessary medical care as a result of untaken drugs. More unfortunate is the added irony that the very skills and processes of laboratory science that are foundational to developing these […]

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