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Amway Hair Care Debuts New Look

October 28, 2014

Consumers around the globe are getting their first look at Amway’s newly redesigned Satinique hair care portfolio—with award-winning structural packaging and graphics created by leading global brand agency CBX.

The project—which took top design honors in the hair care category this past June at HBA Global, the Health & Beauty Aids Expo and Conference—will help Satinique remain relevant, contemporary and fresh in global brand markets for years to come, said Gregg S. Lipman, managing partner at CBX.

CBX assisted with the upfront strategy of the Satinique brand, helping the team optimize the brand’s positioning based on consumer insights learned through global research as well as input from a team of Amway regional affiliates. The subsequent redesign involved simplifying and contemporizing the packaging of nine cleansing items and four conditioners, as well as a host of styling gels and serums, final-touch sprays, mousse and other products.

For the new logo, CBX added a touch of uniqueness to the ‘q’ in Satinique and mirrored the letterform in a rejuvenating drop icon that sits with the brand mark. Visual elements call to mind wisps of rejuvenated or free-flowing hair.

Positioned as “rejuvenating,” “revitalizing” and “vibrant,” Satinique products now feature a jewel-tone and metallic […]

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