Publication: Entrepreneur

Finding the Right Hire for Your Company

April 17, 2013

Q: How do you make sure new hires will mesh well with your other employees and with your company’s culture? A: Gregg S. Lipman’s hiring motto has always been: “Prima donnas need not apply.” That should tell you all you need to know about the spirit of collaboration at CBX, the New York City-based brand agency where Lipman is managing partner. Like all good entrepreneurs, Lipman has learned from his mistakes. He once tried to hire what he calls “disrupters and agitators”–folks whose personalities, work habits and sundry intangible qualities would clash with the existing work force. He figured those disrupters would create new energy. He was right. Problem was, it was the wrong kind of energy. “We actually taught ourselves how important culture was to the organization,” Lipman says. “Their inability to mesh with the culture actually provided a disservice to the organization. Rather than dealing with business issues, we found we were dealing, a lot of time, with personality conflicts.” Lesson learned, Lipman set about hiring only candidates he believed would fit comfortably within CBX, “using culture as a guidepost.” He looks for employees who communicate effectively, resolve conflict peaceably and–just as important–haven’t forgotten their manners. To do […]

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