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Should Brands Be Single-Minded in a Multi-Touch-Point World?

November 5, 2014

By Sandra Creamer

I’m a strong believer in the notion that brands – whether you’re talking about products or companies – should be “single-minded” about who they are. But what about social media, programmatic media buys and the proliferation of touch points created by the trend toward omni-channel marketing? Don’t you need to sacrifice the brevity and clarity of a single, overarching idea if you are to have any hope of coping with the complexity of today’s media environment? Not at all. The key is to take a more nuanced view of the challenge.

For starters, single-minded doesn’t mean a single benefit. Plenty of longstanding and popular brands tout their multifaceted upsides (see the popularity of “all-in-one” or “3-in-one” statements, etc.). At the same time, however, all of these brands can explain themselves with clear, simple words or a single, straightforward phrase. This enables them to stay focused whether the channel is TV, print, packaging, store displays or digital media. After all, competing for the attention of today’s multi-tasking, time-pressed, driven-to-distraction consumers requires nothing if not brevity and clarity. Effective marketing necessitates well-chosen language. And yet a great many clients still ask for the “kitchen-sink concept.” They seem to believe […]

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From Shelf to Storefront: Brand-Building via Retail

September 10, 2013

By Joseph Bona

Consumer product manufacturers have historically focused on just one type of “real estate” — namely, that relatively small amount of shelf space where their brands jockey for attention in the store. But over the past few years, a few manufacturers have been doing deals with landlords to launch spacious retail stores focused exclusively on brands like Chobani Greek Yogurt, McCormick seasonings or Spanx hosiery. Is the goal here to dive into commercial real estate and blanket the country with storefronts along the lines of a Dollar General or a Walgreens? Not likely. However, by opening retail stores focused exclusively on their brands, these companies do stand to accomplish something important: Deepening their connections with consumers.

When Chobani launched its New York City yogurt store back in August 2012, it created a kind of church dedicated specifically to the conversion of legions into Chobani evangelists. At the bustling Prince Street store, Chobani fans — foodies, dieters, health nuts and everything in between — delight in sampling and buying all kinds of yogurt creations whipped up on site by highly trained associates. The store may or may not turn a profit, but it definitely tells a good story.

The […]

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