Publication: BevNet

Snapple Undergoes “Brand Refresh”

June 10, 2015

Snapple has emerged with a new look following a makeover from the company’s longstanding brand agency, New York City-based CBX. The company announced the “brand refresh” in a press release Wednesday, revealing that over twenty different flavors of Snapple’s regular and diet teas and juices will see a packaging redesign. The moves comes as part of the company’s efforts to deepen its presence across the United States as the ready-to-drink tea category continues to experience significant growth.

“Snapple has a strong following on both coasts and now it’s about reaching the center, so to speak, as it moves to boost household penetration throughout the country,” said Rick Barrack, CBX’s Chief Creative Officer.

You might not notice Snapple’s new face at first glance but its graphics have seen some tweaks. In an effort to “amplify the playfulness, wit and simple goodness” of the brand, its lettering has been updated while keeping the brand’s signature curled “S” intact. A new hand-drawn sun also now hangs above its logo. CBX also placed an emphasis on Snapple’s New York roots with a NYC skyline featured on its bottles.

“We want people across the country to share this excitement about the brand because, although it […]

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