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From Mass to Class: A Beauty Brand that Breaks the Mold

December 15, 2013

By Sandra Creamer

Sandra Creamer looks at how elf cosmetics has reinvented its image for its flagship store.

Consumer products companies occasionally take brands from the shelf to a freestanding retail store to elevate their offerings in the eyes of consumers and establish a stronger connection.

The Chobani store in Soho, Spanx mall outposts and the McCormick World of Flavors store in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor are three terrific examples that have helped each brand boost its caché.

In the beauty category, we’ve seen prestige brands go from shelf to store, but for mass brands this is less common.There is one value brand in particular that is breaking this prestige shelf-to-store mold in a very big way: e.l.f. Makeup & Cosmetics.

e.l.f. cosmetics Opens Its Flagship Drugstore makeup brand e.l.f. (which stands for eyes, lips, face) opened a flagship called e.l.f. Studio this past spring in New York City.

e.l.f. was once a small, independently owned brand, started by an NYU student and a veteran of the cosmetics brand Hard Candy, that first offered products online before getting mass distribution. The story goes that a major beauty magazine wanted to ensure, prior to providing national PR for the brand, that […]

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Better Gifting Through Smart Branding

November 6, 2013

3 simple rules to help brand marketers apply psychology principles to create the most successful gift sets.

By Sandra Creamer

Why do bad gifts happen to good people? It’s amazing how some of us are so bad at picking out gifts for others, and beauty products are no exception (soap on a rope, anyone?)

Until recently in the beauty category, fragrances were the top gifts. By expanding the role of gifting in the portfolio beyond seasonal, it can become a solid brand builder.

Beauty brands have been expanding the breadth of products that they promote as gift sets across skin, body care and men’s beauty — and consumers are responding, to the tune of $871MM in prestige – up +16% in 2012 from the same period in 2011.

In a move to diminish the practice of White Elephant Gift exchanges throughout the land, beauty brands (and frankly all categories) can help solve the problem of bad gifting by applying the principles of psychology to the practice of good branding through three simple rules. Rule #1 – Breathe life into the right benefits.

Psychology studies have proven that more often than not, givers and receivers have a hard time understanding […]

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