Publication: Albany Business Review

National branding experts question Price Chopper’s new name

November 14, 2014

Senior executives at Golub Corp. have said the Price Chopper name no longer reflects the chain’s broad range of products and services. Instead, it conveys the image of a no-frills or deep-discount supermarket, especially in areas beyond the Albany region where the brand is not as well-known.

Two national retail branding consultants who had no role in Price Chopper’s decision to change its name to ‘Market 32 by Price Chopper’ both question the reference to ’32,’ but one was more critical than the other about the supermarket chain’s new title.

“The name they chose boggles my mind,” said Laura Ries, co-owner of Ries & Ries in Georgia, a consulting firm whose recent clients include Ford, Doritos and Samsung. “They have not completely dropped ‘Price Chopper.’ They’ve made it longer and more confusing. They’ve added terms that people aren’t going to really completely understand.”

She added: “It’s easier to remember Price Chopper than it is Market 32. I think they’re going in the wrong direction. In fact, it’s a weaker name. Price Chopper is a stronger name, it’s just not the position they want to own.”

Ries has never been to a Price Chopper, nor had she heard of the brand […]

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