Walgreens Launches New Private Brand & New Magazine

November 1, 2012

Deerfield, Illinois based drugstore Walgreens announced the launch of Happy And Healthy, Your Guide To Living Well With Walgreens, which debuts on Sunday, November 4. The magazine will be issued bi-annually, and the première edition is holiday-themed and includes entertaining and gift ideas, as well as Taylor Swift on the cover. The high-quality, glossy, 28-page magazine will be available in English and Spanish. In NYC the magazine replaces the popular Duane Reader, but I have to say it lacks the personality, relevance and sense of humor of the Duane Reader.

The magazine delivers content, such as healthy living tips, relevant offers and Balance Rewards loyalty program promotions to its readers. It also provides a unique way to highlight Walgreens private brands. This issue includes a two-page spread on their newest Private Brand “Ology” the brand was created by the NYC based branding agency CBX. The new line of healthy household products combines the best of green, organic and natural with a modern text based visual language that rethinks the cliched traditional category focused language of green.

“We are thrilled to bring Happy and Healthy magazine to our customers, and we look forward to providing them with relevant information and articles to help them get, stay and live well,” said Joe Magnacca, president of daily living products and solutions for Walgreens. “Walgreens is constantly innovating and Happy and Healthy is a great way to keep our customers informed of our latest Private Brand offerings.”

Some highlights from the Fall/Winter edition include:

• Dr. Oz Healthy Holiday Travel Tips
• Ask Your Pharmacist – Answers For Cough/Cold/Flu season
• Diabetes Management Including Paula Deen’s Cooking Tips
• Introducing their newest Private Brand Ology
• Taylor Swift’s Perfect Christmas
• Stocking Stuffers, Holiday Gifts and Entertaining Essentials
• Beauty Advice Including An Interview With Halle Berry

Happy And Healthy, Your Guide To Living Well With Walgreens will be inserted into millions of Sunday newspapers and also available in-stores nationwide. An electronic version of the publication can be viewed online at Walgreens.com, and the total circulation is expected to be approximately 65 million.